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    16 Jan 2021

    How to Become a Digital Marketer: The Ultimate Guide

    The world of marketing has grown considerably because of the advances made in technology and our better understanding of human physiology.

    I always get asked this question “ How to Become a Digital Marketer?”.

    To be honest with you becoming a digital marketer has never been so simple because of the wide range of courses & free information out there on the internet. However, a lot of people don’t get the results they want.

    This article will help you understand the skills, qualities & strategies required to become a successful marketer in this modern age.

    If you’re a student, entrepreneur, working professional, or even a marketer who wants a better understanding of digital marketing, then this article is for you.

    But before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can become a successful digital marketer, let us first understand what modern marketing is and the power it has on regular people like you and me.

    In my opinion, marketing has an identity problem. Only a few people know how much it has evolved over the years or understand modern marketing. For most people, marketing is still limited to promotion or advertising.

    So What is Modern Marketing?

    Modern Marketing is a science that helps you understand your customer and their needs better. It’s a tool that helps you communicate across many channels to reach different consumers and create a lasting relationship with your customers.

    It is a holistic approach to marketing that combines traditional marketing principles and digital frameworks, which lead to long-lasting revenue.

    Now that we know what’s modern marketing, let’s dive deep into how you can become a successful digital marketer. Let’s start with skills that can make you a proficient marketer.


    Skills Required To Become A Digital Marketer

    1. Writing & Editing

    Writing should be something that every digital marketer should master. In my career as a digital marketer, there is not a single task where I didn’t have to write or edit a piece of content.

    From SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, and Social Media Marketing, Blogging you need to know how to write good content to attract customers.

    Just like any other skill, writing too requires practice. So if you want to improve your writing, start writing more, read books, try writing techniques like copy work or attend workshops that can take your writing skills to the next level.

    Make it your goal to write articles that are evergreen (write about topics that will still be relevant in the future)

    2. Data Analysis

    If you want to be an effective digital marketer, you need to get comfortable with data. Understanding & interpreting data correctly will give you the insight you need to understand customers and help you target them accurately.

    Start using tools like Google Analytics. It’s an industry-standard data analysing tool for tracking web traffic and users on your website.

    3. Design

    Design plays a major part in digital marketing, as most of it is visual. To create banner ads, website banners to social media posts, you need to know how to create amazing -looking content that is visually pleasing and conveys the message.

    Try to learn design through Photoshop, or use Canva, a free tool with multiple designer templates.

    4. Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation is a skill that I have learned in recent years, and it has helped me save time and energy on repetitive tasks. With automation tools, you can efficiently run email campaigns, communicate effectively with your customers, and analyse data faster.

    Automation is the future with advances made in AI. Learning this skill might even boost your career as well.

    5. WordPress

    WordPress is one of the most common and widely used CRM (content management systems) in the world. Giant companies such as TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music use WordPress.

    Knowing WordPress and its features and plug-ins would be a superb skill to learn In your digital marketing career.

    Mastering the above skills will definitely help you become a good marketer.

    Strengths Of A Digital Marketer

    1. Passion to Learn

    For anyone interested in digital marketing, lifelong learning is an absolute must because the sector is constantly changing because of advancement in technology and marketing. It is crucial that you stay updated on the latest industry news and educate yourself regularly.

    2. Adaptive

    Digital marketing is a constantly changing career. That is why, to have a successful career in this field, you must be open to change and be able to adapt to it as fast as possible. You must be flexible and if you don’t adapt to change, you will be left behind.

    3. Detail Oriented

    Details matter and as a digital market it’s your duty to make sure you miss nothing. You should have a keen eye for the smallest detail as one mistake on a post, paid ad, or website Banner can have a massive impact on your business and brand.

    4. Tech Savvy

    Technology is evolving every single day and has increased the speed & efficiency of marketing campaigns. It is essential that every digital marketer embraces technology and has knowledge of how to use it in their personal and professional life.

    Having a necessary understanding of coding, content management system (CMS) or digital marketing tools can help you become a better marketer.

    Now that we know the important skills and qualities that make a successful marketer. Let’s move on to the concepts & strategies related to digital marketing that can give you a competitive edge.

    Strategies In Digital Marketing For Success


    Integrated Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a combination of multiple channels such as SEO, Email marketing, Content marketing, Search engine marketing, and Social media marketing.

    Integrated digital marketing strategy uses all available digital channels in such a way that each channel works together to improve the overall performance of the marketing strategy.

    The basic premise of this strategy is that each individual channel doesn’t have a massive impact on its own but when combined, you can create a more powerful presence online.

    Integrated Digital Marketing

    Check out this Digital Deepaks Blog for more information on Integrated Digital Marketing.

    Marketing Funnel

    In layman terms, an online marketing funnel is a strategic way of tracking, understanding and converting your potential buyers. From the initial stages of hearing about your company to the final buying point.

    Every digital marketer must understand the framework of a funnel because it helps you determine the various activities that need to be undertaken to attract and convert new customers.

    You will find many marketing funnels; however, you have to be careful while choosing a funnel as some of them might not work for yours.

    One of the best marketing funnel for personal branding is CATT ( Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction)

    CATT funnel

    The formula for CATT funnel: Wealth =n ^ CATT

    [n] Niche: Your success & wealth depends on the niche you choose. Always choose a niche that you’re passionate about and which has a demand in the market.

    [C] Content: Creating amazing content that brings value to your audience. Content can be in the form of Blog, Video, Post, Podcast, or E-books, etc.

    [A] Attention: With the help of SEO, Social Media and Paid Ads you can drive traffic to your content and get their attention.

    [T] Trust: Building trust with your audience is important. Use marketing automation and retargeting to send personalised messages to your audience.

    [T] Transaction: This is the last stage where you use sales tactics to convert your leads into customers.


    I hope this blog helped you answer your question of how to become a digital marketer.  Just remember that you don’t need to have an expensive degree to become a digital marketer but if you want to succeed in this field you must be patient, never stop learning and most importantly use your skills to help others grow and succeed.

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